Lagos office
Email: ubongene@perchstoneandgraeys.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ubong-ene-490b99219

Personal Info

Ubong Ene is an Associate at the firm. He is an intelligent, smart and quick-witted
commercially driven lawyer with an outstanding poise for excellence.
He is a core team player who strives to provide innovative, brilliant, bespoke,
comprehensive and workable solutions to challenging and complex legal issues. He
possesses an in-depth research capacity, unique analytical skills and an eerie ability to
learn on the spot. His proficiency cut across diverse industries with special interest in
Energy Law Practice, Capital Market, Finance and General Corporate Advisory.
Aside law practice, Ubong enjoys singing, cooking listening to music, playing board
games and reading.

Professional Qualification

Professional Membership

Practice Areas

  • Energy and Infrastructure.
  • Capital Markets and Structured Banking and Finance.
  • Corporate Practice/Regulatory Compliance & Market Entry.